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P.I Farm Products, Inc., takes pride of a three decade and a half manufacturing and sales experience of agricultural machineries. From a humble beginning in 1974 by the Tin clan, it started as a small workshop with only meager resources and staff. Now, it has grown by leaps and bounds as a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer in the Philippines. The company saga began when consultants close to the Tin family assist them to design a prototype power tiller. Mrs. Roma C. Ngo herself handled both the marketing and management of the machine shop. The first machines were sold under the brand name “LAKAS KULIGLIG” named after a local bug popular because of its strong sound and familiar among quest for a bountiful harvest, courtesy of farm equipment that was easy to operate. The power tiller’s capabilities were improved and refined, until it achieved a level of perfection that was boon to an increasing number of users. P.I Farm Products, Incorporated has sold over 40,000 units hand tractors, over 20,000 units of palay threshers, over 500 units of corn shellers, and over 300 units of mobile flash dryers, rice mills and other farm equipment, proof of the company’s reliability and acceptability in the agro-industrial sector, including its competitors.

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