4U wdm transmission platform with network management card with dual power supply

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XYT 1640 4U WDM Integrated Platform is a 19-inch standard 4U rack,provides 1 + 1 redundant power (AC / DC optional) ,total 16 slots, one management card slot, 15 services card slots, different services cards can be mixed inserted, all services cards support hot-swappable.This platform provides rich service types, such as: CWDM / DWDM, OEO, EDFA, OSU, OLP, TDM, DCM, ETU, OSS etc and other service cards.


Flexible networking, smaller footprint, with super-scalability.

Support CWDM / DWDM / EDFA / OLP/ OBP etc Multi modelservices card hot-swappable.

Support unified management all services cards, also support each service card individually controlled or managed.

Support single fiber unidirectional, single fiber bi-directional, dual fiber bi-directional, ring network etc variety of networking methods.

1 + 1 dual power supply redundant backup, support hot swappable. Support AC and DC power supply optional.

Good thermal design: In addition to power supply box itself cooling fan, the chassis built four high-performance cooling fan, to ensure the reliability of equipment operation.

The maximum can support 15 services cards and a network management card.

System parameters 

Parameters  Technical specification
Wavelength range Conforms ITU-I G.694.1, ITU-T G692, ITU-T G.695 standards
Service access type




Optical interface transmission method 2.5Gbit service card adopt 2R transmission mode,each channel supports transparent transmission below the rate of 2.5Gbit / s. Adopt 3R transmission mode,each channel rate supports 155Mbit / s, 622Mbit / s, 1.25Gbit / s or 2.5Gbit / s optional, 10Gbit service cards adopt 3R transmission mode, each channel rate supports 1.25Gbit / s, 2.5Gbit / s, 4.25Gbit / s, 6.25Gbit / s, 8.25Gbit / s, 10Gbit / s optional;
Physical network topology Point to point, point to multipoint,chain, ring, single fiber bi-directional
Fiber type G.652  G.655 G.653 no advocated
Network management methods CLI TELNETSNMPWEB
Mechanical parameters physical dimension 4U chassis177H*350D*438W(mm)
weight Full with a weight of not more than 25 kg
Working environment Operating temperature -10℃– 60℃
Relative humidity 5% – 95% no condensation
Storage environment Ambient temperature -40℃– 80℃
Relative humidity 5% – 95% no condensation
Power requirements 220V AC,50Hz or -48V DC
Safety and EMC Conforms FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standards
Power consumption ≤300W

Product Details

China (中國 • 中国)
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