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Fire Escape Mask XHZLC60 Self-luminous Fire Mask

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Philippines (Pilipinas)
Metro Manila

XHZLC60 Self-luminous Fire Mask

1.      Applications

Fire mask is an essential personal poison-gas-protecting respiratory apparatus if a life emergency happens in hotels hotels,office buildings,department stores bands,posts and telecomunications,power industries,public entertainment places or dwelling housed.

2.      Main Technical Specifications(up to the Ministry of public Security standard GA209-1999)

a.Effective hour:Type 40≥40min,poison gas and smoke protectig,fireproof,hot-radiation protecting,good sealing property,suitable For all kinds of adult faces.

b.Object of protection:Cabon monxide(CO),hydrogen cyanide(HCN),Poison smoke and fog.

3.      Methods of Operationas

a.       Open the cover,take out the vacuumized packing bag.

b.       Tear the vacuumized packing bag immediately,take out the Respirator,and pull out two plugs.

4.      Points For Attention

a.       This product can be used only once.It cant be used for work protection,just for personal escape and self-life-saving.

b.       Storage conditions:00C-400C surroundings,no hot source nearby,no flammable,explosive and corrosive materials nearby,well ventilated,keep away from rain and moisture corrosion.

XHZLC40 Fire Smoke Mask


Protective Time

Object of Protection

Inhalation Resistance

Exhalation Resistance

CE  and

the Ministry of PublicSecurity standard GA209-1999

≥40 min

Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocyanic acid (HCN), poison smoke and fog and so on.



XHZLC60 Fire Smoke Mask

≥60 min

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Product Details





Philippines (Pilipinas)
Metro Manila
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